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 Triumph Yachts is one of the fastest-growing companies in Russia, with an enviable reputation both at home and abroad. Our website is now one of the most popular in Russia’s yachting sector.
 We have a wide range of stunning power and sail vessels on sale, showcasing the world’s finest designers and latest technologies.
More importantly, we also have the expertise – and integrity – to ensure that all our clients make the right choices.
 Triumph Yachts has assisted countless clients to realise their dreams of yacht ownership – helping them to join the ranks of the world’s elite.
 So join us, and embark on one of the most wonderful journeys life has to offer.

Warmest regards

Eugene Kilanov, President of Triumph Yachts company

Our Services

Newbuild Yachts
 For many, only new will do!
 Whether you want to build a motor or sailing yacht, and whatever size you have in mind, we have a vast amount of international experience in finding the right yard to build your particular dream.
 We know what’s a reasonable price, and what’s not, and we have a range of contacts that few can match. We can manage all aspect of the build, from the initial contractual arrangements, through quality control and interior design, to final commissioning and registration.
 In particular, here in Saint Petersburg we have unique access to the local Russian yards and a highly skilled workforce – that might be able to provide a viable alternative to more traditional yacht builders.

Prebuilt Yachts
 Not everyone has the patience to build their own yacht. Why not let us find you the most perfect yacht possible for you? We can also help you to add your personal touch by arranging a refit.

Complete Package
 Of course, owning a yacht can be a complex matter. We can assist with the ongoing crew, technical and financial management.

Our Location

 We are based in the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg. The city was known as Leningrad until 1991, and is located on the River Neva, at the head of the Gulf of Finland, on the Baltic Sea. It is home to a large number of foreign consulates and international banks and corporations.
 Founded by Tsar Peter I in 1703, Saint Petersburg was the capital of the Russian Empire for over 200 years. With the creation of the Soviet Union, the city became a hub for maritime expertise and technological innovation, leaving a rich legacy we at Triumph Yachts are well placed to utilise for the benefit of our clients.

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